I firmly believe that you should love yourself so much that you cannot stand NOT pursuing the very best version of yourself possible. And I'm here to guide you in doing so. This is what drives me each day.


-ISSA Certified Elite Personal Trainer (Personal Training, Sports Nutrition Coach, Corrective Exercise Specialist)

-PN Level 1 Certified Nutrition Coach

-NCI Level 1 Certified Nutrition Coach





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My name is Theron Merrick! I am owner, founder of Gym R.A.T. Coaching home of the Real. Attainable. Transformation. I am a busy, hardworking father, husband, entrepreneur, and avid snowboarder, fisherman, candy aficionado, and lover of Harry Potter movies! I ended up in the world of health and wellness completely by accident if you can believe that! I grew up in impoverished Edgewood, New Mexico. Where we grew up eating whatever was available to us. Even if that happened to only be an entire sleeve of saltine crackers. It wasn’t until I was 29 years old, and my wife and I went through a miscarriage that I decided to care about my health and the things that I put in my body.


See, I haven’t always been very fit. In-fact at one point I was very near if not clear over 300lbs. And being an avid snowboarder being heavy like that I was dead tired by noon at the latest. And when you are paying $100 or more for a lift ticket and are done by noon, that’s a lot of wasted money. So, I decided to drop a little weight. I jumped headfirst into educating myself on how to do it effectively and efficiently. And a little weight turned into a lot of weight. 9 months later I had lost 93lbs!! From 273 down to 180! I was hooked, I decided I had to learn as much as possible so that I could help others create the same feelings for self-accomplishment and fulfillment I found in recreating myself!


Fast forward a few years and I now help other busy, hardworking people create strong, energetic bodies despite the numerous responsibilities of everyday life, without hacks, shortcuts, or elimination! I hope you are ready to join me on this journey to a you, you never thought possible!!


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Brendalee Hirschfeld: 150lbs from 220lbs

Theron Merrick: 300+lbs to 193lbs

Craig Bozzelli: A1-C down 40 points


“So grateful to have started my journey with Gym R.A.T. Coaching the process hasn't been easy every step, but the knowledge i have gained along with my results I've achieved will last a life time.” 


Yes, this is me. But if you are going to hire someone to help you achieve your weight loss goals, who better than someone who has had to go through the process for themself. 


"Theron helped me stay off medication! My cholesterol had broken the 200 mark. Of course the doctor told me that I needed to start medication, but I resisted and asked for 3 months to work on it myself.I found Theron who mapped out daily macro diet targets for me.  It was a big change for me, but with plenty of help and advice from Theron, I adapted to the changes.  When I had my bloodwork rechecked about 10 weeks later, I had dropped my cholesterol by 40 points while increasing my weight by about 5 pounds.  I never changed my activity level, in fact, I may have increased it some more.  Theron was a huge help, had great advice, and answered all my questions.  I would not have accomplished these goals without his help." 



“Bill helped me create an attainable financial plan that is already changing my life.” 



“After listening to just one episode of Bill’s podcast, everything started falling into place.”



“Bill is the secret sauce to my recent financial gains. I can’t thank him enough.” 


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