What Are Others Saying About Gym R.A.T. Coaching?

All The Tools You Need To Create A Lean Toned Physique

This one is my Transformation. When I started my journey to a better stronger me, I stepped on the scale at 273lbs (I was over 300 in the picture on the left), and over 9 months was able to get myself down to a record low 180lbs, that's 93 pounds of weight lost. I then proceeded to build myself back up to a lean muscular 195lbs in the right picture. If I can do it, SO CAN YOU!!


“So grateful to have started my journey with Gym R.A.T. Coaching. The process hasn't been easy every step, but the knowledge I have gained along with my results I've achieved will last a life time.” 


"Theron helped me stay off medication! My cholesterol had broken the 200 mark. Of course the doctor told me that I needed to start medication, but I resisted and asked for 3 months to work on it myself.I found Theron who mapped out daily macro diet targets for me.  It was a big change for me, but with plenty of help and advice from Theron, I adapted to the changes.  When I had my bloodwork rechecked about 10 weeks later, I had dropped my cholesterol by 40 points while increasing my weight by about 5 pounds.  I never changed my activity level, in fact, I may have increased it some more.  Theron was a huge help, had great advice, and answered all my questions.  I would not have accomplished these goals without his help." 


"My name is Charles. I started with Theron in November of 2021 at 290lbs, as of May 2022 I weigh 240lbs. I've consistently lost weight week after week. Theron taught me the tools of diet and exercise combined. I'm the strongest I've ever been and look forward to staying strong and getting leaner with Theron and Gym R.A.T. Coaching!"


I have been working with Theron for about 5 months now and having him as my trainer has been the best thing for my health. He is very welcoming and knowledgeable of the fitness world. He welcomes nervous newbies with open arms and helps you feel comfortable and safe in the gym. I have medical reasons that have always hindered my strength and caused everyday pain, but coming to the gym with Theron’s help has eliminated those issues! I am healthier, stronger, and overall living a happier life.

He will create workouts that are specific for you and that won’t cause you any harm, but also challenge you to get stronger! He helps with your nutrition and is a never ending source of information and tips. I highly recommend Theron as a personal trainer. Do not be afraid to take the leap with him because it will change your lifestyle for the better! 


"Theron helped me get back into shape to play ice hockey, and gave me all the knowledge I need to be able to keep working on myself."


"I was new to the state and determined to make some changes in my life. I'd never worked with a personal trainer and was very lucky to find Coach Merrick. His workout and nutrition programs are reasonable and achievable. My success is his; and he's 100% dedicated to helping me achieve my fitness and weight loss goals. He's patient and understanding; and having 'been there' he can empathize with me every step of the way. By following the individualized workout routine and nutrition plan he created for me, I've been able to loose a significant amount of weight, and gain strength and oodles of self confidence! If you're serious about making a change, he's the person who will help you get there."


"I’ve been training with Theron for 6 months, it has been the most challenging and rewarding 6 months of my life. I was terrified of the gym when I first started but Theron made it less scary. From answering all of my questions to talking me through a difficult day , he’s been beyond supportive and has given me the tools I need to push myself to become stronger every day . Deciding to train with Theron was the best decision I’ve ever made, and I’m so thankful. I can’t wait to see where I go from here!"


"I was somewhat a beginner to lifting and was kind of bouncy around with different training programs and not really making the progress I was looking for. It made me feel stuck and I kind of lost motivation because I was seeing other people my age making far more progress than I was. I was excited to be able to get advice and training from someone who had personally gone through a huge transformation. I am stronger and my body feels so much better. I have lifted weight I could only dream of before and I can feel myself progressing every day. I feel more confident and comfortable. I have also learned how to better fuel my body to reach my goals. Following a training program and a macro tracker has taught me discipline and kept my motivation up. It’s not just a hobby to me anymore, but a lifestyle that I truly enjoy."